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Air pollution is a serious problem for city dwellers - it contains a wide variety of harmful impurities, automobile exhausts and gases. dirty air inhalation danger lies in wait for us at home - indoors are always dust particles, from which wet cleaning is saved only for a short time. Recent developments have allowed the Swiss company Boneco AG to create special tools for cleaning and humidifying the air - "air wash" and air purifiers based on the HEPA - filter.
What parameters to consider when choosing an air cleaner?device performance,floor space,noise level,design,cost.All models of household air purifiers do not require installation and can work around the clock in an enclosed space (room, office, study, etc.). Do not be afraid to set it up in the bedroom, the noise level of the device is so low, that will not disturb your sleep.
air PurifiersAir purifier Boneco P500 - is a highly ergonomic and an air purifier with a unique filter and remote control system. An air purifier is made of high quality components and materials.
Purification is as follows: Air entering the device is first pre-cleaning takes place, and then supplied to the allergen HEPA-filter, which is delayed until 99.95% of contaminating microparticles to 0.3 microns. Purified from admixtures, air enters at the carbon filter can eliminate smoke, harmful gases (e.g., carbon or formaldehyde) and other unpleasant odors and chemicals. Thus, the indoor air is completely cleaned of impurities and allergens.
In addition, air Boneco P2261 has a popular function of air ionization. The negatively charged ions (anions) will contribute to the improvement of health, increase physical activity and mental health as well as provide the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system.
Air purifier Boneco P500 is ideal for use in residential and office rooms up to 28 m2 to create a comfortable microclimate.
"Air cleaning""Air cleaning" combines two useful functions - humidification and air purification. This equipment does not have the disadvantages: easy to use, require no consumables, consume little power, have the cable with adjustable length. Care is only periodic cleaning and moisturizing pallet drives. Themselves instruments are made of high quality materials (food grade plastic), so will last a very long time.

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Humidification and air purification is carried out without the use of replacement filters. Their role is performed by a unique patented system of wetting of the plastic discs with "honeycomb" adsorbent surface. Spinning like a mill wheel continuously washed by water from the sump. Passing between the discs, dry air is saturated with moisture and cleaned of contaminants and impurities. Due to pre-ionization function (Boneco 2055D / 2055DR / W30DI), dust particles are increasingly attracted to the surface of a disc, and then washed with water in a pan. Disinfection of water in the sump by means of a unique antibacterial system ISS (ionizing silver rod). Silver ions - the most effective method of water disinfection. Silver kills about 650 different species of bacteria known to man.
Special container for essential oils in the models Boneco W2055A / 2055D / 2055DR / W30DI allow fill your room with your favorite fragrance (aromatherapy). With electronic humidistat instrument properly support a given level of humidity. Boneco 2055D / 2055DR / W30DI has an "honest" LCD display allows you to set and monitor the current and the desired level of humidity. A preset parameters can independently maintain even these models. To find out how effective moisturizer is enough to see it, and you will see on the LCD display accurate information: how the level of humidity in the room.

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